IT Solutions

IT Solutions Services

HLB France member firms offers your company specialist staff to advise and assist you on your IT-security. The service comprises of, besides the standard support, also the surveillance and the update management of your computer systems. Our specialised employees install and configure for you all necessary hard, system and user-software.

HLB France IT solutions offers you the perfect completion of your outsourcing. By this we mean your company receives besides the technical support and the maintenance, also the correct IT hardware solutions catering for all your needs. This enables you to procure all requirements at one source – economically, efficiently and without any loss on quality. The specialised staff of HLB France member firms will, following a detailed analysis of your wants and needs, provide an optimal IT environment for you. We will start from the hardware, up to the best fitting business software solution. With our IT Pros, we are certainly ready to complete the most complex assignment at a competitive price.

HLB France member firms understand the importance of ‘Information Security Management’ (ISM) for our clients, so we absolutely need to implement this to our Quality Management processes to further enhance our reputation for delivering a first-class service.

The main principle behind ISM allows within HLB France member firms the opportunity to design, implement and maintain a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to our information assets, with a significant new section on outsourcing, thus further enabling HLB France member firms to maintain its excellent levels of information security.

HLB France member firms will deliver further ‘peace of mind’ for clients and potential clients when delivering first-class services, in an ever changing world.