Consulting / Advisory

HLB France member firms will work closely with you to find the right solution

HLB France provides a first-class service for the design, development and provision of innovative advice and consulting services for businesses. We have set-up a continuous quality improvement system with a view to better help entrepreneurs carry out their business projects. For entrepreneurs who use HLB France consulting and advice, this business excellence provides a commitment to quality and consistent services.

HLB France member firms commit themselves:

  • to respecting our core values, namely  open mindedness, human commitment and agility.
  • to providing you high added value solutions.
  • to developing win-win relationships.

Providing ‘Consultation Services’ as a business insider makes all the difference.

Due to the fact that HLB France member firms are providing Accounting, Agricultural, Auditing, Business Services, Consulting/Advisory, HR, IT Solutions, Legal, Payroll and Tax, for all sizes of business, operating domestically and internationally, and much more. Being a ‘Full-Service provider’ HLB France member firms are able to let you participate with our experience in these fields. In our opinion it makes a huge difference if you are an ‘insider’.

HLB France ‘Consulting Services’ includes the following fields:

  • Inward investment to France
  • Business transformation
  • Management consulting
  • Corporate consulting
  • Finance & Accounting consulting
  • Corporate tax consulting
  • Corporate legal consulting


Every business deal brings a specific set of challenges requiring specialist knowledge and experience. HLB International member firms provide businesses with corporate finance advice and support across a range of issues, drawing on the resources, expertise and experience from around the world.

Services provided by HLB France member firms include:

  • IPOs
  • M&As and Joint Ventures
  • Due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • Risk management
  • Business structuring
  • Business recovery and liquidation

HLB International member firms’ country desks are bridging the language barriers

HLB France concept is a specialised channel of communication to support our clients in commercial and country specific challenges.

HLB France speak your language, understand the culture and the specific character of your businesses and advise with an international perspective. You benefit from long standing local and international expert knowledge, as well as customised services of the highest standards to fit your business needs.

HLB France competence network in France

Through the working relationship with the experts and specialty firms of our ‘competence network’, HLB France member firms can offer comprehensive services and solutions out of one hand, enabling us to add tax and legal solutions to the individually tailored projects of our clients.

HLB France member firms are dedicated to entrepreneurial thinking and acting and our extensive network in the industry and finance community ensures that we match our dedication to adding value to every client that we serve.

Why choose HLB France member firms?

A wealth of experience – Work with one of our seasoned consultants who have regional, local and international experience.

A results-driven contribution – Our value added yields concrete results such as improved hiring practices, increased productivity, better customer service and a sharper competitive edge.

Customised services – We tailor our services to your specific needs, whether you’re a start-up or a successful company.

High customer satisfaction – An excellent track record with many of businesses across the France, and internationally.