Business Services

Business Services

Provided that your business requires a location in France, HLB France member firms with great pleasure will take care of all necessary steps on your behalf.

We start from your company foundation – including legal address, up to complete virtual office services. Allowing you to save not only on rental and operational expenses, but also staff costs. Please focus on pushing your core business and HLB France takes care of the smooth handling of the administration processes workflow.

International Business Services (IBS)

HLB France member firms offer a global solution to meet the needs connected to your French subsidiary or branch: respect for French accounting, tax and social obligations, the preparation of reporting lines as per your group standards, and general administrative assistance.

HLB France member firms IBS department associates and teams have developed key know-how for this international environment: familiarity with and practice of several accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP and UK GAAP), major international tax and social issues and fluency in several languages.

Business Support Services

A range of services to support your business as it grows…

  • Domiciliation & Postal Services
    New to France? If you do not have an office in France, we can provide you with an address. It also doubles as a mailbox so all of the postal correspondence for your company in France can come directly to us.
  • Legal Representation
    Until you hire a permanent resource we can provide temporary legal representation for your company.
  • Bank Services
    A French corporate bank account is essential when doing business in France. We can support you through the process, removing all the stress of navigating French bureaucracy.
  • Administrative Support Services
    No matter what administrative support your business requires we can provide it all in one place, making everything more efficient.