Business Environment in Estonia

Estonia is one of the highest rated liberal market based economies in the world. It is the first economy having a flat rate income tax system, a friendly environment for foreign investment and no tax policy on reinvested corporate profits. Estonia consistently ranks as one of the most open, competitive and transparent economies in the world. As a full EU- and Eurozone member with a competitive economy, Estonia increasingly serves as a base for pan-European activity. Estonia ranks 12 by ease of doing business in the world by The World Bank analyses.

Estonia has:

-Unique location and culture combining Nordic roots and Eastern influences.

-Highly progressive environment that offers an efficient way of doing business.

-Highly developed infrastructure that supports business development.

-Multilingual workers with world class skills. In the Industrial sector we excel in engineering and electronics while in IT we are recognized leaders in software development, high-tech systems and cyber security.

-Ultra-high IT usage across the economy, significant efficiencies, real-time data and flexible, scalable business models. Two-decade commitment to IT, Estonia is the world’s most advanced digital society and recognized leader in digital skills, infrastructure and legislation.

-E-residency system allows You to have control of Your business finances from wherever in the world

Reasons for investing in Estonia:

-Great opportunities in various business sectors

-Relatively easy and low cost establishing a company fully online and only in a few hours

-Relatively simple and stable tax system, 0% income tax on retained and reinvested profits

-Banking and lot of other services and possibilities for doing business easy and online, 99% of banking transactions are made online, Annual accounts are usually prepared and presented online, tax declarations and transactions are prepared and presented online.

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Article by Arvo Lepik, Parter at HLB Expertus, member of HLB’s Euroasia Group. Contact Arvo on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.