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17 Jul

Chinese ambassador to Germany Mr Shi Mingde visits HLB Stückmann

HLB Stückmann, HLB’s member firm in Bielefeld, Germany, received last month a prestigious visitor: Shi Mingde, the Chinese ambassador in Berlin, visited the firm as part of the “Ostwestfalen meets China” initiative organised by the Ostwestfalen Chamber of Commerce. This visit was an opportunity for the ambassador to hear about the services offered by the

24 Jun

HLB Asia Pacific conference in Bangkok a success

HLB’s 2015 Asia Pacific conference, organised by HLB Thailand in Bangkok, brought together over 50 attendees from the HLB network in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world, including the UK, the US, Germany, Djibouti and the UAE. The conference, dedicated to “ASEAN Economic Integration: New Opportunities for Prosperity”, welcomed three distinguished guest speakers:

26 May

HLB Mann Judd co-hosts event at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne

HLB Mann Judd, HLB International’s member in Australia, recently co-hosted an event at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The event, dedicated to building relationships between Chinese investors and Australian business especially in relation to Australian real estate investment, took place at the Qianlong Exhibition: “A golden age of China: Qianlong Emperor, 1736–1795”. The

22 May

HLB supports digital leader New Frontier Group

HLB members in ten countries support the international growth of New Frontier Group, a leader in digital transformation, from its headquarters in Vienna to subsidiaries across Central & Eastern Europe, Russia and beyond New Frontier Group is a leader in digital transformation in Central and Eastern Europe and operates worldwide with direct subsidiaries in 17

21 May

HLB German and Dutch members present together at IFA regional meeting

Thomas Kipka and Marc Lichtenberg from HLB Van Daal & Partners and Bert Nannen from HLB Nannen, both from HLB Netherlands, recently presented Dutch R&D tax incentives to members of the IFA (International Fiscal Association) regional group for Westphalia and interested clients. The event was hosted by HLB Dr. Schumacher und Partner, HLB Germany’s member

07 May

HLB launches Global Russian Desk service

HLB members now offer a Global Russian Desk service aimed at supporting Russian companies abroad as well as foreign companies operating in Russia. HLB’s Global Russian Desk comprises Russian-speaking professionals from HLB members in no less than 20 countries worldwide: in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia,

24 Apr

HLB UK’s Beever and Struthers Partner elected Chairman of Pro.Manchester

Earlier this year, HLB UK Beever and Struthers Partner John Jones was elected Chairman of Pro.Manchester, a high profile membership organisation representing the 280,000 employed in the financial and professional services sector in Greater Manchester, UK. Outside of London, Greater Manchester is the UK’s main centre for Financial and Professional Services with around 20% of

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