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HLB France member firms welcome you to our website which is dedicated to providing top-tier assistance, advice and audit in the areas of accounting, tax, labour legislation, legal, business organisation and management for small to medium sized business, operating domestically and internationally. Our member firms specialise in chartered accountancy, auditing and assisting foreign companies with company formation in France (branch, closed corporation, affiliated companies etc.). We also specialise in consulting with French export companies, to help them overcome European and International directives, with over 50 members of staff giving technical support to domestic and international businesses, using English & French languages.

As members of HLB International, a member of IFAC’s Forum of Firms, HLB France is committed to the highest quality standards in financial reporting and auditing practices. With presence in 130 countries, the HLB International network covers all the main markets globally and combines members’ local expertise with a powerful international capability.

HLB International members support their clients as they grow regionally and globally, ensuring the same partner-led high-quality and personalised service wherever they operate, coordinating cross-border business in a seamless manner, with close communication and partner-level service regardless of client size or location.

HLB France - Strategic Offering

  • Complementary services mean members can work together to meet all client needs
  • Comprehensively spread across France gives simple and direct access to partners for potential clients
  • Regardless of size or location, the service offering from HLB France member firms will ensure delivery of resources for specific projects would never be an issue
  • Strength in diversity, with different backgrounds and expertise HLB France member firms unify to present a holistic service offering greater than the sum of its parts
  • The HLB International global approach supports member firm clients wanting to expand outside their own territory, as well as those operating internationally

HLB France is an independent member of HLB International, a world-wide network of independent accounting firms and business advisers. HLB International’s global member firms are well-respected for responsive, timely and high-quality service.

HLB France has a well-developed network of offices around the country, each dedicated to providing top-tier advisory services to clients looking to do business in France and abroad.

HLB France currently has 6 member firms with a combined staff of over 1,300 employees, covering all areas of Accounting, Auditing, Tax & Legal, HR & Payroll, Business Services, IT Solutions, Consulting/Advisory and Agricultural Services.

Clear, confident communications through our bilingual advisers

HLB France - based bilingual accountants will communicate with you from start to finish in your preferred language. Meetings and conference calls are concluded faster and more easily, and everyone on your team will fully understand the advice and implications of what is being discussed.

Understanding and sensitivity to cultural differences

HLB France advisers have many years’ experience and are aware of both the cultural, and commercial differences affecting trade between your country and France. They will advise you on matters such as tax planning and the implications of using different business vehicles.

Instant access to a network of reliable business contacts

Through our country desks, you have instant access to our network of French-based business contacts who deal regularly with investors from your country. Our partners and managers can introduce you to reliable contacts such as bankers, solicitors, relocation advisers, distributors and chamber of commerce members.

If you are expanding into the French market, conducting business can be difficult if French is not your first language.

Even if you do speak French fluently, differences in culture and accepted business practice, can still lead to delays and unnecessary costs.

HLB France country desks are designed to let you do business in France, more easily and with greater confidence. Our bilingual advisers are very experienced - either at partner or managerial level. They will explain complex technical matters clearly in your language so that, no matter how complex the business issue, everyone understands our advice and there is no room for doubt.

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HLB France

Why France?

France is an open, competitive country, as can be seen by its strong, diversified economy. Located at the heart of Europe, the world’s largest market, it is also an ideal springboard to markets in other European countries, as well as Africa and the Middle East.

As such, it is a leading destination for foreign talent and investment, having adapted its regulations to facilitate both, in addition to undertaking taxation reforms since 2012 to make it easier to live and work in France.

Set-Up Your Business

HLB France supports investors looking to set up operations in our country. With its roots firmly at local level, HLB France can help you choose an investment site best suited to your project, and put you in contact with the most relevant innovation clusters for your company. HLB France can also offer you advice from experts, in addition to serving as your partner with the French authorities, thereby ensuring the long-term success and growth of your project.

Doing Business

In 2014, France reaffirmed its position as a leading recipient of job-creating foreign investment in Europe. Numerous reforms have been initiated in recent years to continually improve France’s regulatory framework. Two Strategic Attractiveness Council meetings in February and October 2014 saw around 30 leading foreign company executives meet with the French President to discuss how to attract further foreign talent and investment to France. This guide, written by experts in association with recognised specialists (law firms, auditors, accountants and human resources consultants), has been designed especially for foreign company directors seeking to invest in France, where around 20,000 foreign companies are already established, running businesses under many different legal forms.

Doing Business in France

The reforms that France is currently pursuing to improve competitiveness and the business environment have a number of aims:

  • To promote R&D and innovation with France’s research tax credit and innovation clusters.
  • To increase corporate profit margins through the competitiveness and employment tax credit.
  • To reduce labour costs by lowering social security contributions, as set out in the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact.
  • To make it easier for companies to obtain effective and tailored financial support through Bpifrance, France’s public investment bank.
  • To introduce greater flexibility into the labour market and build upon renewed social dialogue.
  • To support and bring forward corporate investment by increasing legal certainty for investors, for example through advance tax rulings, a one-off supplementary depreciation allowance, and a charter concerning non-retroactivity for tax issues.


France’s talent and competitiveness clearly stand out. Its investment attractiveness can be seen by the fact that it offers investors competitive conditions in which to set up and run their business. The high standards of the French education system are widely acknowledged, which when combined with a well-qualified workforce, comprise a decisive key strength as a business location. Thanks to its efficient transport infrastructure providing easy access to foreign markets, companies based in France stand to enjoy these major advantages as they seek to expand internationally.

Foreign Investment in France (2014)

1,014 investment decisions, 26,535 jobs!

In 2014, 1,014 investment decisions created or maintained 26,535 jobs, among which there were 68 projects involving site takeovers by foreign investors that safeguarded 6,411 jobs. On a like-for-like basis with 2013, 740 investment decisions were recorded, up 8% from 2013. There were also 84 merger/acquisition or shareholding acquisition transactions announced, amounting to a total of more than €13.5 billion.


HLB International Corporate Brochure

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Doing Business in France

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About HLB France

  • The French Alliance of HLB International member firms
  • 8th largest network in France, with one of the largest office networks covering most of the country
  • Separate and independent member firms
  • Across the member firms, full service Accounting, Auditing, Advisory and Taxation practices, with dedicated HLB International contact partners